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Welcome to Pinoy Links

Thanks to everybody who visited our page the past few months although our page hasn't change for a while. But now I will try to update links that don't work and add new stuff. What I really want to do though is to organize the links to music, movies, recipes and so on and so forth. But I guess I will have to wait a while for that, but check back once and a while and see if anything interests you. Until then email and guestbook is the way to communicate. Surf on!

Music Links

One of my favorite OPM sites

Selected OPM

OPM Concerts

Good source of OPM


Are you really Filipino, test your Pinoy Traits...

A collection of Pinoy Jokes

Recipes to our Favorite Filipino Dishes

Philippine News Online - Great Source for Philippine News

ABS-CBN - Network TV

GMA Network TV

OPM Concerts

Philippine Music Artists Information

Philippine Radio on the Net

Maximum Music Authority DWRT 99.5

Filipino Entertainment - The Spy

PBA - Philippine Basketball Association

Gordon's Gin Boars

Manila Bulletin

Philippine Daily Inquirer

The Manila Times on the web

Dept. of Tourism of The Philippines

A Brief Glimpse of the Philippine History

The Philippines Centennial Celebration

Filipino FAQ's and more...

Our Family Page

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